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Sustainable Cities

The future growth of "Our" California growth demands our attention. How can we make our cities better places to live, both for us and for future generations?

The answer is simple, "Sustainable California!" However, what does it mean to be sustainable? The answers are actually straightforward. It is all about commitment, perseverance and a passion to save our environment. The bad news is that it cannot be done by one person. We must stand together as neighbors, families and communities to provide for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

What does it mean to be sustainable? This page is designed to answer that question, show our progress and also provide tips so our progress can continue.

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Sustainable California:

Local Food Production:

Thanks to our California farmers and ranchers we have a complete resource of the most delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and fresh meats that supply families statewide.

Green LEED Building:

Look around California. You will find continual commercial growth that includes LEED-certified buildings that are environmentally friendly. Buildings that are energy efficiency and healthier buildings that produce less greenhouse gas emissions.

Public Transportation:

By using public transportation Californians are reducing single-occupant drivers, hence reducing harmful emissions.

City Design of Sidewalks and Biking Lanes:

Biking and walking doesn't just save the environment but it also promotes healthier living.

EV Charging Stations:

Many Californians have invested in electric-powered vehicles that require the use of EV charging stations, hence they are saving the environment without the use of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Water Conservation:

With the on-going water shortage in California, we have adopted water conservation policies that are designed to prevent water pollution and ensure availability for future generations.

Waste Reduction:

By adopting recycling efforts, Californians are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and contributes to climate change.

City Policies that Encourage Sustainability:

California is one of the few states that have banned plastic grocery bags. From purchasing procedures, to city planning , to energy efficiency and recycling programs, city policies are specifically designed with new ideas of how Californians respond to issues that have a direct effect on our environment.

If saving beautiful California is as important to you as it is to us, you are probably asking yourself, "What could I do to help?" Below we have also added some tips that you can incorporate so that can do your part towards California sustainability.

10 Tips to Increase California's Sustainability

  1. Start a petition to your city to stop watering parks in the middle of the day or during the rainy season when the water is just evaporating or if it is raining to begin with.
  2. Suggest an Arbor day to your city. Trees make the world a cleaner and greener place.
  3. Suggest more EV charging stations at libraries, city hall, large retail centers, etc. The more stations that are conveniently available, the more likely we will see more electric vehicles being purchased.
  4. Start a bicycle coalition. Many Californians ride every day. More riders mean less emission.
  5. Start a community garden. Californians love our local growers.
  6. Organize a watershed clean-up day to help reduce and prevent the pollution of our water sources.
  7. Advocate for "No Idling Zones" for municipal buildings, schools, etc. "Idling" is just unnecessarily releasing harmful emissions into the air.
  8. Be proactive and participate in the sustainable planning efforts taking place in your city.
  9. Promote programs that require green building practices. Energy efficient buildings and residences significantly reduce carbon emissions.
  10. Start a recycling ambassador program to help your neighbors gain a better understanding of recycling methods and sustainable waste reduction.

Promoting California sustainability today is not just for the good of today. California sustainability benefits future generation for years to come.

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