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Power Systems

As the demand for alternative power continues, homeowners throughout Northern California are searching for solutions that will provide real savings while also doing their part to ensure their own carbon footprint on our environment. Now is the perfect time to explore all that awaits you at Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc.

At Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. we offer a complete range of alternative power options. We are proud to have remained Northern California's premier provider in alternative and renewable energy. We are eager to help you save money and energy through our many efficient and environmentally sound solar energy products. Below you will learn about the many products we offer. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation with our client care specialist, please contact Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. toll-free at 1-800-492-4061.

Our Alternative Power Products Include:

Residential & Commercial On Grid, Grid Tie, Wind Turbine Energy Northern California

Wind Turbines:

Have you considered installing a wind turbine to offset your electricity usage?

Did you know that Wind energy is the fastest growing energy source in the United States and has provided 35% of the nations new electric generation capacity since 2007? In addition, the United States is the world leader in wind energy and most states have now implemented standards or goals to increase renewable energy production. As the demand and cost of electricity continues to increase, wind energy will continue to play a vital role in providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. is a full-service wind turbine installer and wind energy development company. We can assist with a turn-key wind energy project, beginning with an initial wind assessment and ending with an operating wind turbine. Our clients include farmers, landowners, communities, schools, businesses and much more. To learn more about our wind turbines please continue your tour of our website or contact our office toll-free at 1-800-492-4061.

Solar Energy:

Installing solar panels is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to reduce their own carbon footprint. Solar panels are an affordable, clean and green source of energy for homes large and small.

At Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. we install solar panel systems of all sizes for homeowners and business throughout Northern California. We pride ourselves on using only well-constructed, long-lasting, American-made solar panel products. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to ensure all systems are installed properly, and everyone at Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. is 100% dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

In addition to being a green technology, solar or photovoltaic panels decrease your home’s dependency on the main energy grid. In fact, panels can produce more energy than your house needs. To learn more about our solar energy products please view our On Grid/Grid Tie or Off Grid solar energy pages on our website. Or contact our customer care team at 1-800-492-4061.

Residential & Commercial On Grid, Grid Tie, Wind Turbine Energy Northern California

Micro-Hydro Electricity:

If you have a small stream located on your property, this type of electric generation may be right for you. Micro-hydro electrical systems use turbines to convert rotational energy of water into electricity using a generator. Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. designs and installs micro-hydro electrical systems for residential and commercial customers. We can help you evaluate the water flow and water pressure of your stream and design the most efficient and economical solution for your micro-hydropower system.

At Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. we offer an environmentally sound and wildlife safe approach to small-scale hydroelectric generation. Hydroelectric power can be utilized both on-grid and off grid. You may asking yourself, "What are the advantages of hydro-power as opposed to other forms of alternative energy. Below you will learn further.

Residential & Commercial Hydro Power Energy Northern California

Why Hydro-Power?

Energy Efficiency - Because it only takes a small amount of water flow electricity can be delivered as far as a mile away to its location where it is being used.

Reliability - Even during the winter months when energy consumption is at its peak hydro-power can produce a constant supply of electrical energy.

No Reservoir Needed - Hydro-Power is designed to function as a "run-of-river" when means that the water passing through the generator is re-circulated back into the stream with little impact on the surrounding ecology.

Cost Effective Energy Solution - Building a small scale hydro-power system can be relatively nominal depending on site electricity requirements and location. There is also very little maintenance.

To learn more about our hydro power systems contact our office at 1-800-492-4061.

Thank you for your interest in Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

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