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Wood Fire Hot Water Furnace

Efficient Waterstove Solutions for Reliable Heating

Tired of wasting water while waiting for it to get hot? Wing Solar & Wood Energy Energy, Inc. has a solution for you – the Waterstove. Offering a safe and efficient answer to your water heating needs, the Waterstove is perfect for both residential and commercial structures.

Own a swimming pool or hot tub? Your Waterstove can extend your swimming season, providing clean, dependable heat year-round. Experience reduced energy costs from your very first load of wood.

Benefits of a Waterstove

  • No wood to carry in and no messy ashes in the house.
  • Water heat doesn't dry out your sinuses.
  • No indoor oxygen is used to fuel the heat.
  • Exhaust gases make two complete passes through the Waterstove.
  • Large, easy-to-open door for simple loading.
  • Load just once per week during the summer.
  • Place the unit as close as 2 feet from the house.

The Waterstove Advantage in Heating Systems

The Waterstove features a stainless-steel flue pipe system and a stainless-insulated stack to transfer more heat into water. Controlled by a thermostat, each room is evenly heated, and your water stays hot, regardless of usage duration.

Adapting to any existing heating system, the Waterstove ensures worry-free heating whether you're home or not. With a recessed stack design for easy loading and a heavily insulated carbon steel door, your Waterstove requires minimal maintenance and guarantees dependable hassle-free heating for years to come.