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Heating Systems

Eco-Friendly Heating Systems at Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc.

Explore the diverse and energy-efficient heating solutions offered by Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. As energy costs rise, we are committed to providing alternatives that help you save money and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Wood Fire Hot Water Furnace

Our Wood Fire Hot Water Furnaces offer a safe and efficient way to heat any structure. By eliminating the fire factor from your home and pumping only hot water inside, you enjoy cleaner air and lower insurance rates. Burn almost any wood cleanly and extend your swim season by making your hot tub or swimming pool more enjoyable.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Reduce your home's energy consumption by up to 50% with Solar Hot Water Systems. Did you know that 15% - 20% of energy consumption is dedicated to heating water for various purposes? Solar heating can not only provide domestic hot water but also heat your home, pool, or hot tub.

Hydronic Heating

Embrace cost-effective and alternative heating with Hydronic Heating. Unlike forced-air systems, hydronic heating doesn't dry the air. Explore more on the Hydronic Heating page for efficient water-based heating solutions.

Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating involves installing tubes in the sub-floor of your home or office for a comfortable heating experience. Conducting water through tubes allows zoning control, making it ideal for new constructions or retrofitting existing homes. Invest in radiant floor heat, a solution that pays for itself over time.

Baseboard Heating

Baseboard Heating provides zone control, allowing independent heating of individual rooms. Perfect for established homes, this option lets you regulate each room or area as desired using separate thermostats.

Forced-Draft System

The Forced-Draft System blows air over hot water coils in the ductwork, offering an efficient heating method. While it doesn't allow zone control, individual radiators can be used in each room as needed.