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Off Grid Solar Energy

Off-Grid Energy Solutions by Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc.

Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. presents an array of options tailored for those embracing off-grid living. If you find yourself wondering, "What is an off-grid power system?" - we're here to answer your questions.

What is an Off-Grid Power System?

An off-grid power system is a generation system providing electrical power to homes without access to the power grid. While fossil-fueled generators represent the simplest form, contemporary off-grid systems integrate generators, inverters, batteries, and alternative energy sources like wind and solar due to the rising costs of fossil fuels.

Remote Off-Grid Building with Solar Electricity

Building in a location without utility power? Extending power lines can be exorbitant, and engine generators incur high fuel and maintenance costs. Enter Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. Choose the off-grid path, dramatically reducing energy costs, and let us tailor a solution precisely to your needs.

Solar Electric Power Systems

Reliable, silent, pollution-free, and low maintenance—our solar electric power systems include modules, safety switchgear, batteries, and a DC to AC inverter. Solar modules convert sunlight into electricity, providing a seamless household current.

System Reliability

Solar power systems are highly reliable, with modules lasting over 40 years and covered by a 25-year warranty. Easily expandable and property tax-free, solar systems offer enduring reliability.

Hybrid Power Systems

Since solar electric generators produce electricity only during the day, off-grid systems utilize large battery banks to store daytime-generated electricity for nighttime use. Other power sources, like wind or engine generators, act as backup during winter months.

The FLEXMAX Family by Outback Power

Outback's FLEXmax charge controllers boost photovoltaic power by up to 30%. For high-performance, efficient, and versatile charge controllers, FLEXmax is the solution. Contact Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. for more information.

Wind Power

Wind generators, subject to property tax, offer indefinite reliability as wind is a constant force of nature. Wind power complements solar, being more prevalent in winter, compensating for reduced sunlight.

"Eddy" by Urban Green Energy

Manufactured by Urban Green Energy, "Eddy" reduces energy consumption, providing warmth in winter and contributing to environmental conservation. Assembleable in under an hour, Eddy is "wind ready" for day or night alternative energy production. Learn more by contacting our customer care team at Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc.

Solar Water Heating

Solar collectors can preheat water for existing gas or electric water heaters, reducing energy consumption. During summer, solar hot water systems can fulfill nearly 100% of household needs and 60-70% annually.

Solar Assist/Gas, Oil or Wood Furnace Backup System

In-floor radiant space heating, paired with solar heated water, produces 50% or more of space heating needs. A backup gas, oil, or wood fire furnace provides hot water when solar energy isn't available.

Solar Pool Filtration Package

Solar-powered pool filtration uses energy-efficient DC pumps, running from shortly after sunrise to shortly before sunset, maximizing summer days.

Solar Water Pumping for Wells

A Solar electric water pumping offers an economical way to pump well water. Tailor the pumping package to meet agricultural and residential needs, factoring in daily water requirements, sunlight availability, vertical lift, horizontal run, well yield, and pipeline size.

Energy Efficient Lighting & Appliances

Reduce solar system size and cost by using energy-efficient lights and appliances. Other strategies include maximizing southern exposure, super-insulation, and daylighting to reduce daytime lighting loads.

Life-Cycle Cost

While the upfront cost of an engine generator may be less than a solar electric power system, the life-cycle cost, including fuel, maintenance, and replacement parts, exceeds that of a solar electric generator.