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Solar Powered Generators

Discover Clean, Reliable Energy

Are you considering an alternative energy source for family camping trips, emergency power outages, or simply to lighten your home's electrical load? At Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc., we have the solution. Our comprehensive inventory of solar-powered generators is designed to meet your diverse needs, providing clean and reliable energy for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Types of Solar-Powered Generators

Backpack Solar Generator: Small, lightweight solar panel and battery, perfect for short-term outdoor use.

Small-Appliance Solar Generator: Ideal for various appliances such as phones, lights, TV, laptops, tablets, microwaves, portable heaters, fans, and low-current medical devices.

Mid-Range Solar Generator: Designed to recharge USB devices, 12-volt and AC ports for small to medium-sized appliances, including oxygen generators, for extended periods.

Extended Home & Commercial Solar Generator: Capable of handling high-current devices like electrical tools or multiple small appliances simultaneously for extended periods.

Why Depend on Our Solar Power Generators?

Our solar-powered generators offer numerous benefits:

  • Provide Backup Power for Emergencies & Blackouts
  • Ensure Security Against Power Grid Attacks
  • Offer Independence from Fossil Fuels
  • Contribute to Protecting the Climate, Resources, & Air Quality
  • Feature Durability, Weather-Resistance, & Maintain 95% Efficiency
  • Include Solar Panels With a Life Span of 20+ Years
  • Deliver Enough Power to Run Refrigerators & Well Pumps
  • Are Safe to Operate Indoors
  • Can Tie Into Your Electrical Panel or Run Completely Off-Grid
  • Allow Flexible Location
  • Can Lower Your Monthly Power Bills
  • Require Minimal Maintenance
  • Use Replaceable Components

How Do Solar-Powered Generators Work?

Understanding the workings of a solar-powered generator is as simple as choosing the right one. The system consists of five key components:

Sun: Access to sunlight, available on rooftops, porches, terraces, yards, or nearby clearings.

Solar Panel: Comprised of individual PV cells converting sunlight into electricity.

Battery: Stores the generated power for later use.

Inverter/Charger: Converts DC power to AC power.

Power Outlets: Charge laptops, phones, and devices with internal inverters. For appliances, use a source to bring electricity back to your home, such as a heavy-duty extension or an additional outlet.

Make the switch to clean, reliable energy with our solar-powered generators. Contact Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc. to explore your sustainable energy options today.